We offer a wide variety of skin care services that help with basic skin care, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, birth marks, skin tags and vein reduction. Call today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the many services we offer!

Ablative Co2 Laser

Our Co2 laser helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sun damage for younger looking skin. It is a minimally-invasive treatment that removes damaged skin revealing the fresh, blemish-free tissue beneath. It also stimulates Collagen production for long-term results.

Customized Facial

We offer a variety of facial options tailored to treat your personal skin concerns such as skin congestion, lack of radiance, skin sensitivity, fine lines, and loss of firmness. Our licensed aestheticians are here to help you determine what option will best meet your individual needs.

Customized Peel

Customized Peels are gentle enough for all skin types with little to no downtime. During your session, our experienced estheticians will apply one of our peels that gently remove the top layers of skin. So that what grows back will be smoother, resulting in a more radiant-looking you.


Dermafiling uses a tool made of stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds to resurface and polish the skin.


Dermaplaning uses a bladelike tool to remove dead skin and “peach fuzz” to give skin a smoother, more radiant look.

IPL Photofacial

The IPL Photofacial treatment uses short blasts of high-intensity light to firm skin as well as improve tone and texture. With little recovery time, IPL offers a safe option for sun damage, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that is effective in treating minor scarring related to acne, wounds, and aging and requires no downtime. The procedure involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles, as a result of these tiny abrasions, the skin amps up collagen production in order to heal.

Microneedling for Hair Restoration

Microneedling can boost scalp health to help treat and prevent hair loss. The procedure involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles which promotes healing in the skin and also promotes hair growth.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials hydrate your skin and support natural collagen by using oxygen under high amounts of pressure to apply various serums and hyaluronic acid to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body, and lessens the effects of aging by tightening and hydrating the skin.

Skin Tightening

A non-invasive treatment that goes deeper to stimulate your body’s own collagen and elastin production for natural looking results without surgery or downtime.


(Lip, Chin, Ears, Nose, Brows, Under Arms, Legs, Bikini Line, Brazilian)

Our waxing program is designed to help you achieve better, longer-lasting smoothness from your head to your toes. Enjoy the opportunity to be hair-free for up to 3 – 6 weeks when vacationing, heading to the beach or pool, for special events or monthly upkeep.

Lash & Brow Tinting

Reviyah Massage & Med Spa’s professionally trained skin therapists use the very best professional grade eyelash and eyebrow coloring system. We’ll safely and naturally tint your brows and lashes to match your hair color.