Reviyah Massage & Med Spa is looking for professional, friendly, trustworthy, personable and skilled licensed massage therapists to join our team! Are you a professional, friendly, trustworthy, personable, and also a skilled licensed massage therapists seeking a career opportunity? Our team is on the lookout for exceptional individuals who resonate with our values and are also eager to contribute to our vibrant community.

Licensed Massage Therapist Opportunities MN:

Are you a Licensed Massage Therapist or have the ability to obtain a City License in Maple Grove? We also welcome you to be a part of our growing family. Our requirements are also designed to ensure that each team member upholds the highest standards of excellence in the field:

Massage Therapist Requirements:

Active Licensure: As a cornerstone of your application, possessing an Active Massage Therapist License in Maple Grove or the potential to acquire the City License is also essential.

Certified Training: We value your professional growth. A proof of five hundred (500) hours completed in a certified therapeutic massage training program from a recognized member school of the National Certification Board for Massage Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) or any other established organization of therapeutic massage professionals

Reliability and Passion: Our team thrives on commitment. We also seek therapists who embody reliability, punctuality, and a profound passion for the art of massage therapy.

Professionalism: Upholding an environment of respect and professionalism is also integral to our ethos. Candidates should maintain a drug/alcohol-free status and a demeanor that reflects the highest standards of the profession.

Message Therapists Helping Others Heal

People-Centric Approach: At the heart of our practice lies the genuine desire to positively impact lives. We’re looking for candidates who possess a sincere passion for working with people, providing a healing touch that enriches the well-being of others.

Positive Attitude: Infusing positivity into every session is a trait we hold dear. A can-do attitude, coupled with high energy, creates an ambiance of vitality that clients are drawn to.

Team Spirit: Collaboration is key. We value team players who are also excited to contribute their skills. Our spa and guest service industry, fosters an atmosphere of unity and mutual support.

Background Check: As we prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients, a successful completion of a background check is part of our selection process.

Massage Therapist Opportunities

If you allign with these values and are also drawn to a workplace that has passion, share your journey with us. Submit your resume and cover letter with your availability, and let’s explore the potential of joining forces in creating exceptional experiences at Reviyah Massage & Med Spa. Your dedication can find a fitting home within our dynamic team.

Massage Therapist Requirements:

•Actively Licensed Massage Therapists in Maple Grove or also ability to obtain City License.

•Proof of five hundred (500) completed hours certified therapeutic massage training from a member school of the National Certification Board for Massage Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or other organization of therapeutic massage professionals.

•Reliable, punctual, passionate and goal-driven.

•Professional and drug/alcohol free.

•A passion for working with people.

•Can-do attitude and high energy.

•A team player with a passion for the spa and guest service industry.

•Successful completion of a background check.

If this sounds like your kind of work place for the service you love to do, send us your resume and cover letter, also including your work availability.

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Licensed Massage Therapists